Tying in Randy Orton’s kick to the groin with Ronnie Garvin

In ways, the Christian vs. Randy Orton no-holds-barred match at WWE SummerSlam this weekend was precipitated by the kick heard ‘round the world. Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship after former champ Orton was disqualified for punting Christian in the balls. By the match’s stipulations, Christian could win the belt on a DQ.

By far the most memorable kick in the balls that I recall in wrestling wasn’t on a big show, and I’m not even certain it was on TV. It was at the old Boston Garden in February 1990, when Rugged Ronnie Garvin fought the Brooklyn Brawler, a.k.a. Steve Lombardi (OK, I know this is an ‘80s blog, but it’s only a few months into 1990). For some unknown reason, a former NWA World Champion had a house show run with longtime jobber Brawler (although to be fair, you can also question why Garvin of all people became NWA Champion in the first place).

Anyway, onto the match. Garvin was getting beat down for a while and made a comeback. Finally, at one point, Garvin ripped Brawler’s grubby T-shirt open, slapped him in the face, and then kicked him below the belt. No DQ on this particular nut shot. I think the sequence of the rip-slap-kick is what made it memorable for me. Garvin ended up winning the match.

Garvin at one point during his WWF tenure lost a “loser must retire” match to Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and became an enforcer referee. But overall, I’d rate Garvin’s time in the WWF as unmemorable.

In a final twist, Orton often stomps his opponent’s entire body while his foe is lying on the mat, a move that Garvin popularized decades earlier (so much so that it was known at the time as the Garvin stomp).

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