Triple H gets a public nod from Vince McMahon, who never got that from Vince, Sr.

Sure, the big finale to this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw featured a couple of plotline twists, a big angle, and some acting – but the closing scene between Triple H and Vince McMahon was as real as it gets.

We saw a historic moment as a teary-eyed McMahon passed the torch publicly to his son-in-law. HHH and wife Stephanie McMahon are poised to someday soon run the WWE behind the scenes. 

McMahon never got that shining moment in the spotlight in 1982 when he bought Capitol Wrestling, the then-corporate name of the WWF, from his father. Back in those days, the kayfabe stuff only came out in primitive dirt sheets or from the lips of an insider you might know. People knew Vince, Sr., sold the company and that Vince, Jr., had different visions than his father of where to take things, but the younger Vince did not receive that public vote of confidence that Triple H got on Raw.

Nearly 30 years after Vince took over the WWF and steered it through 27 WrestleManias, steroid and sex scandals, highly publicized deaths, and the creation of a handful of truly enduring superstars, it appears that McMahon is stepping aside for good.

Is his story going to end like the Godfather, with McMahon chasing his grandkids through some backyard in the tony Connecticut suburbs? That seems doubtful because it’s hard to believe McMahon will truly divest himself of the wrestling business.

Looking back, many posts in my blog have McMahon’s handprints on them. I was there at the last switching of the guard in ‘82, and now we’re seeing it happen again.

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