I cringed to hear who Batista’s favorite WWF wrestler was from the 1980s

I got a chance to listen to a great interview on Wrestling Observer Radio with former WWE star Batista.

One of the funniest moments, to me at least, came when Batista discussed how he fell in love with WWF pro wrestling when he was a young teen in the early 1980s.

“Of course I had the typical favorites: Hogan and Steamboat,” he said. “[But] I always said the Warlord was my favorite because he was such a freak. I just couldn’t believe how massive this guy was.”

The Warlord? Yikes. There were some great talents in the WWF in the ’80s and memorable characters, and the Warlord fits none of those categories. He was originally in a face-painted tag team with the Barbarian, collectively known as the Powers of Pain. He was then spun off as a lousy singles star who wielded a giant W scepter.

Batista’s right, the Warlord was immense, and if steroids were legal at the time, which I’m sure they were, then Warlord consumed many, many quantities of said substances. In the ring, the Warlord was a stiff who did a few power moves. You know, the typical Vince McMahon protype, which still exists today (ahem, Mason Ryan).

Before Batista’s admission, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anyone else claiming the Warlord was one of their favorites. And for good reason.

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