What would WWF wrestlers do to the victorious Boston Bruins?

Congrats to the Boston Bruins for winning the NHL Stanley Cup against the Vancouver Canucks.

If the Bruins had any bit of the WWE in their blood, the following incidents would be guaranteed to occur following the Stanley Cup victory:

  • King Kong Mosca would dent the cup over the head of Milan Lucic during an acceptance speech.
  • As the Bruins skated around the rink after the win, Jake “The Snake” Roberts would sneak out of the stands and give a player the DDT on the ice.
  • Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara would have to deal with verbal abuse from Captain Lou Albano.
  • Star goalie Tim Thomas (is he a Sheamus look-alike these days?) would tear off his jersey a la Hulk Hogan while standing on top of the net.
  • Randy “Macho Man” Savage would accuse David Krejci of having the hots for Miss Elizabeth. “Oooh yeah, you’ve got jealous eyes, Kerjci!”
  • Cam Neeley would come out of retirement to meet Bruno Sammartino in a battle of heroes from the old Boston Garden.

Differences asise, I think all of the wrestlers would agree that the Bruins have earned a late-night trip to the Kowloon restaurant.

One comment

  1. Sunkist2

    Biting off body parts… Killer Kowalski’s reputation of a good bite now and
    again: Dick the Bruiser’s ear???? Rumor or true. So when the finger got bitten on that Bruin by the Canuk, was there any difference? How about Mike Tyson and the ear bite, too?
    High stick? How about a metal folding chair.

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