In different ways, Ultimate Warrior and CM Punk thank the Macho Man

The passing of Randy “Macho Man” Savage has brought out countless tributes from pro wrestlers and fans. But perhaps none was more fitting than the simple nod given to Savage on Monday Night Raw from CM Punk.

Punk wrestled his main event match in pink tights with white stars and bright yellow boots, all of which were the staple attire of Savage back in his early WWF days. Bravo to Punk, who continues to be a bright spot in the cookie-cutter WWE roster these days.

Another tribute that was a worthwhile viewing just in terms of nostalgia comes from the Ultimate Warrior, who posted a two-part video about Savage’s death on his blog. Those of you who only remember Warrior with his long hair and face paint may not even recognize the guy. Warrior remembers Savage during their days working for the WWF in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and shares some backstage stories, including a funny one about how they got coffee during the Wembley Stadium SummerSlam show.

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