You’ll laugh at this memorable promo involving the Captain and the Duke

I don’t often stray beyond my 1980s WWF memories in this blog, but a video clip involving Captain Lou Albano and the masked Golden Terror from circa 1978 must be mentioned here because:

  1. I know some of my readers are fans of the WWWF from the 1970s
  2. The Golden Terror was actually the “Duke of Dorchester” Pete Doherty, a perennial Boston Garden jobber in the’80s


The clip, which is a house show promo, is hilarious mostly due to the banter between Albano and a young Vince McMahon decked out in a bright yellow blazer.

The first time I saw the video, I almost pissed my pants when Albano called McMahon a WASP. But Albano’s best line is when he describes the Golden Terror’s suplex techniques. Meanwhile, Doherty merely nods at Albano’s ramblings, never saying a word. The Duke told the Falmouth (MA) Enterprise in 2010 that while in character as the Terror, “I didn’t speak because if I spoke, I’d blow it with my Boston accent.”

According to the great History of the WWE website, Doherty made one appearance in the old Boston Garden as the Golden Terror, losing to Gorilla Monsoon in December 1977. The Terror also made appearances at many of the other major WWWF arenas in ’77 and ’78.

One comment

  1. modew's manager

    The reason the Terror didn’t open his mouth is because Doherty’s one tooth would have given him away.

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