Finally, you can watch Muraco’s famous meatball sub match

As pro wrestling fans, we must bless the presence of YouTube, which brings back so many memories of long-lost matches and skits from the WWF in the 1980s.

One of the most famous Saturday morning jobber matches from Championship Wrestling finally surfaced on YouTube, and you’ll want to check it out regardless of whether you remember it vividly or you’ve never seen it before. It involves Magnificent Muraco eating a meatball sub while he wrestles.

I’ve been watching wrestling for 30 years and have never seen anyone ever do this since it first aired probably in 1983. I love when Muraco puts his drink on the top of the ring post, and then when he’s about to deliver the reverse piledriver (better known as the tombstone piledriver today), Captain Lou Albano shoves a bite of the sandwich into Muraco’s mouth.

Vince McMahon is so great trying to play a straight-laced television announcer as he notes, “I don’t think there’s anything necessarily in the rulebook that says you can’t eat or drink during a match, but it’s highly unorthodox to say the least.”

When Albano tumbles to the floor near the end of the clip, I’m not sure whether he legitimately slipped on the sub, was drunk, or decided to take a prat fall, but either way, it is hilarious.

Of course, it’s made even funnier by Vince razzing Albano: “That fat slob!”


  1. Insanenoodlyguy

    Way I heard it, it was a real honest to god accident. That’s why Muracos is clearly bricking (when you break character because you are laughing) after he helps him up, you can tell he’s trying and failing not to laugh because this was real and unexpected.

  2. Chuck Mullen

    WOW that was awesome.

    I was thinking about the Magnificent one, and really he was one the best heels at the time… and this is not just based on his WWWF/WWF work, but elsewhere like Florida, Georgia, etc. What a talent!

    Thanks for the excellent blog too! I always look forward to the new posts!

    • modew's manager

      Muraco was highly regarded as a face in the AWA early on, and tagged for a while with Jimmy Snuka. There’s a match on the Dusty Rhodes DVD, with Rhodes-Murdoch/Muraco-Billy Robinson, where Muraco is in shape, but not muscular at all…..

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