Charlie Sheen vs. Ultimate Warrior in the battle of insane one-liners

My friend, Tom – a loyal reader of the this blog – passed along a link from the Aggrogate website that features a fun quiz about troubled actor Charlie Sheen and the Ultimate Warrior.

The quiz lists a series of crazy quotes and asks you to determine whether Sheen or Warrior uttered them. Believe me, some of these one-liners came from outer space.

Both stars had their starts in 1980s. Sheen hit it big with movies like Platoon and the original Wall Street, while Warrior and Sting started as the Blade Runners, wrestling in regional promotions starting in 1985. Soon after, Warrior hit the former World Class Championship Wrestling territory in Dallas (as Dingo Warrior) before arriving in the WWF in 1987.

The WWF spent ’88 and ’89 building up Warrior to what became his most well-known match, his bout with Hulk Hogan that headlined WrestleMania VI in 1990 (actually one of my favorite Hogan matches).

I only scored a 10 out of 18 on the Aggrogate quiz, which means I’ve either forgotten how to channel my Warrior spirit or Sheen missed his true calling as a pro wrestler.

Warrior faded in and out of the WWF in the early to mid-1990s, and then resurfaced briefly in WCW in the late ‘90s. Last I read, he was writing and doing some motivational speaker (sans makeup and teased hair). His website is a bizarre mix of politics and life advice.

He’s one of the wild-card major stars not in the WWE Hall of Fame. There were rumors abounding before last year’s WrestleMania XXVI outside of Phoenix that Warrior would get into the hall given he lives in Arizona, but it never happened. But Vince McMahon needs a big-time wrestler for the Hall of Fame every year, so Warrior is a likely entrant at some point.

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