Hacksaw Duggan is the latest laugh for the WWE Hall of Fame

So I heard on Monday Night Raw that Hacksaw Jim Duggan is an entrant into the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame.

No Bruno Sammartino. No Randy  “Macho Man” Savage. But yes, the WWE has room for Duggan.

Don’t get me wrong – Duggan had a unique charisma in the 1980s that far outstretched his limited ring skills. He played the patriotism card perfectly, carrying his 2×4 and American flag as a defender of the United States against the likes of Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik. He was different than Sgt. Slaughter and a huge improvement over Corporal Kirchner.

And few will ever forget his war cry of “Hoooo!” throughout his matches. I remember on many occasions exiting the old Boston Garden after the monthly WWF pro wrestling cards, and if Duggan had appeared, the crowd heading out would be yelling “Hoooo!” either in the stairwells of the arena or in the nearby subway station.

But is Duggan Hall of Fame material? I guess in Vince McMahon’s warped sense of a Hall of Fame, maybe he is. You’ve already got people like Koko B. Ware and Mr. Fuji, so why not Duggan?

Believe me, I understand that the Hall of Fame is more a marketing gimmick than anything. It helps sell WrestleMania weekend and also is a nice feature when each year’s Mania DVD is released.

But Duggan didn’t build the foundation of the WWF/WWE in the 1960s and 1970s, like Sammartino did. Duggan didn’t carry Hulk Hogan to good matches when Hogan needed it, like Savage did.

The bottom line is that McMahon hand picks the Hall of Famers, and he simply doesn’t get along with Sammartino and Savage these days.

Thus, the WWE Hall of Fame is a joke, and Duggan is just the latest punch line.


  1. Chuck Mullen

    I am absolutely positive Bruno will go in as soon as he dies. The whole ordeal is just ugly. A lot of the Pittsburgh fans, that STILL TO THIS DAY, cling onto the hope that Bruno will give in… but he wont. I understand the reason but JESUS would BRUNO be BRUNO if it wasn’t for the “wrestling business?”… seriously he is angry and disconcerting to his FANS TOO, that paid their hard earned money to see him, regardless of the “business”. But Bruno is like Superstar Graham, more angry that they are NOT on the PAYROLL NOW… look at Graham, it was bad, then he was collecting his “welfare check from Vince” it was good and now he is NOT and wow the jackass is BITTER AGAIN… whatever GO DIE. Its this attitude that I see through and not something “McMahon” is doing.

  2. Sucio

    You’re an idiot, why wouldn’t Duggan be HOF material, he’s entertained the masses since 1979 and had a great career as a mid-carder. Why only honor the Main Eventers? Bruno needs to be in 100%. It’s just that HE doesn’t want to be in. Vince offered him the spot a couple of times. Same with Savage and Warrior. Randy Savage will eventually get in because he did a few commercials for them. Duggan deserves his spot!

  3. Roland

    Time to bury the hatchet Vince and get both Bruno and Macho Man into the Hallf of Fame….. be the bigger man and do what is right!

    • bostongardenbalcony

      To be fair, Bruno probably wouldn’t appear if he was inducted, but I still think it would be a goodwill gesture to get him into the Hall of Fame regardless of whether he came to accept the award. I fear that the year after Bruno dies, the WWE will induct him, at which point Sammartino’s entry will seem hollow. Who knows, maybe with Triple H in the wings to take over the WWE, he can make the move to get Bruno in.

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