Patriots QB Tom Brady could have been Tom Backlund 30 years ago

The Boston sports reporters have been all over New England Patriot Tom Brady’s foot surgery on Thursday, including showing plenty of past interview clips on TV. I’ve heard the NFL superstar quarterback interviewed many times, but today it clicked for me  — Brady’s interview style is just like that of Bob Backlund from early 1980s WWF.

For newer fans who may be more familiar with the crazy Mr. Backlund character who tried to run for U.S. senator and made fans recite every president’s name, let me rewind back to when Backlund held the WWF Title from 1978 through 1983. He was portrayed as a clean cut, polite pro wrestler who spoke about fair-and-square athletic competition.

Brady’s approach is similar, as he  rarely trash-talks about his opponents and often gives gee-golly quotes like, “I’m really looking forward to this next game.”

Here’s a clip of Backlund giving a promo about a 1983 match against Magnificent Muraco in Madison Square Garden.  Close your eyes and imagine Tom Brady instead walking up to Vince McMahon and doing this interview.

In another career, Brady could have been Backlund’s stand-in.


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