It’s worth watching the WWF Superstars of Wrestling opening from 1989

The intros for WWE Monday Night Raw and SmackDown are in-your-face assaults, with hot graphics, lots of wrestlers posing, and hard rock music.

You’ll get a laugh comparing them to the 1989 opening of the WWF’s old Superstars of Wrestling program, which was the syndicated TV at the time that everyone watched on Saturday mornings. The opening’s synths, programmed drums, and montage of kooky characters like Akeem and Brother Love seem very dated compared to today’s pro wrestling.

That being said, I always liked the parting shot of Jake “The Snake” Roberts delivering the DDT. I’ve never forgotten the line when Mean Gene Okerlund asked Roberts what “DDT” meant, and Roberts replied matter-of-factly, “The end.”

Randy Orton’s draping DDT off the middle rope that he uses in just about every match is a nice nod to the Snake.

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