The late Curtis Iaukea played the Wizard (not to be confused with the Grand Wizard) in the 1980s

King Curtis Iaukea, a pro wrestling star in various regions of the world in the 1960s and ’70s, died over the weekend. For a short time in the WWF in 1986 and 1987, Iaukea managed wrestlers under the name the Wizard.

I remember Iaukea actually claiming that he was channeling the spirit of the late Grant Wizard, who was one of the top WWF managers ever. Iaukea managed a small duo of wildman-type wrestlers in Kamala and Samoan Sika (Sika was doing solo matches at the time).

As the Wizard, Iaukea dressed in a black robe and used a huge, booming voice during his promos, talking about the mystical power of the saber-tooth necklace around his neck (see the promo at about 1:30 into this clip).

Kamala and Sika didn’t exactly constitute a great stable and Iaukea wasn’t around as a manager in the WWF for the long haul, but he was memorable. He resurfaced about 10 years later in WCW as part of Kevin Sullivan’s Dungeon of Doom, playing a similar character to the Wizard known as the Master.

Back in 1972, Iaukea, under his real name, won the WWWF Tag Team Title with Baron Mikel Scicluna (that title is now part of the unified WWE Tag Team Championship). Scicluna became one of the most well-known WWF jobbers in the early 1980s.

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  1. modew's manager

    One of my fond early memories of the squared circle was Curtis/Scicluna v. Strongbow/Sonny King, a real slobbernocker with chairs, foreign objects, the works.
    Often overlooked is King Curtis as a face. He was the leader of “The People’s Army” and led the charge against those evil-doers who invaded Australia and New Zealand. I can’t readily find any of his face promos online, but they were captivating for their time.

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