Could Husky Harris be the next Moondog for WWE?

Those of us watching WWE Monday Night Raw have seen that Husky Harris (the son of Mike Rotundo and grandson of Blackjack Mulligan) has joined Wade Barrett and crew in Nexus.

Watching Harris try to fit into that group just doesn’t seem natural to me. When Harris was in WWE NXT, he had an unusual charisma that got him noticed beyond his less-than-great-genetics look.

I couldn’t help but think that Harris has the appearance and likely the personality to pull of the next wildman character in the WWE. In fact, Harris reminds me of a gimmick I haven’t thought of seriously in a long time: The Moondogs.

Harris actually resembles Moondog King, who wrestled for years as Sailor White before joining up with Moondog Rex (Randy Colley) in the WWF in 1980. The duo briefly held the WWF Tag Team Titles in 1981, winning them from and then losing them back to Tony Garea and Rick Martel.

This interview, if you want to label the segment as such, is one of my favorite scenes with the Moondogs.

Imagine Harris with bleached, messy hair and a nasty dog bone for a weapon. I’m serious, it would work, especially in today’s sanitized WWE. Moondog Husky would be different than everyone else.

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