Vince McMahon goes nuts when Terry Funk pummels attendant Mel Phillips

On YouTube long-time fans can relive one the wildest little scenes ever from WWF Championship Wrestling: The day in 1985 on which legendary Terry Funk beat the shit out of ring attendant (later ring announcer) Mel Phillips.

The clip of Funk’s attack on Phillips is so great for many reasons. For starters, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a wrestler since then brutalize a ring attendant like this. Secondly, the angle firmly established Funk as out of control right from the start in the WWF.

But the best part comes from all the Vince McMahon-isms that pop up, meaning his one-liners that he often used during his play-by-play commentary days:

  • McMahon calls Funk “a big, tough hombre,” which was a favorite phrase of his
  • When Phillips puts Funk’s cowboy hat on his head because he doesn’t have any more room to carry Funk’s pre-match attire, McMahon lets out one of his big belly laughs (something current announcers like Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler could learn from since they do the worst fake laughing possible these days)
  • When things go south quickly for Phillips as Funk attacks him, McMahon screams, “Oh no! Oh, oh come on!”, which was Vince’s signature exclamation when the heels got out of control

In the following months, Funk would actually chase Phillips around the ring at house shows. Funk primarily fueded with Junkyard Dog and Hulk Hogan during his 1980s WWF tenure, and came back in 1998 for a forgettable run as Chainsaw Charlie with Mick Foley.


  1. Dennis Hines

    Terry Funk, man there will never ever be another one like him. I actually had a chance to meet him at an independent card in 1988, and he was as classy as anyone out there. Mick Foley comes close.

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