Pedro Morales has a big surprise and is ready for any kind of action

Back in the early ‘80s, at about the 30-minute mark of the hour-long Championship Wrestling, we’d get a break from the matches to hear the promos for the WWF’s house shows, which in my case were for the upcoming Boston Garden cards (the same thing happened for fans in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, and the other big Northeast cities).

A friend of mine often brings up Pedro Morales’ interviews with Vince McMahon. Morales’ promos were often peppered with familiar one-liners, such as:

The best was when McMahon would occasionally ask Morales if he had “any words for our Spanish-speaking fans,” due to Morales’ Puerto Rican heritage. What resulted was a 15-second burst of Spanish, inevitably containing his opponent’s name. I didn’t understand too much Spanish then, but it sounded serious coming from Morales.

I saw my first live wrestling on December 5, 1981, which was a matinee show at the Boston Garden (the image from the card’s program is my blog’s logo). And yes, I had balcony seats.

One of the matches featured Pedro Morales vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, which I remember vividly because Morales bit the referee on his way to a disqualification. No doubt my father, who was forced to bring me with a neighbor and his kid, thought that was good, clean family fun.



  1. modew's manager

    You can’t mention Pedro’s interviews without going back to Bruno, and Vince Jr. asking, “Bruno, do you have anything to say to all of your great fans in the North End?”
    To which Bruno would let loose about 45 seconds of rapid Italian, loosely translated as “I’m going to beat this guy, and not let all my great fans down.”

  2. bostongardenbalcony

    Wow, what a story, thanks for posting it. I got a laugh from you mentioning Culebra, where Morales was always announced as being from. What a memory to actually go fishing with the guy. I wonder if he had “a big surprise” for any of the fishes.

  3. Gold

    I was a longtime fan beginning in 1972. Pedro was my her while he held the world title. I love wrestling so much that at some point with the connections I made by going to matches each month, I was able to actually become a jobber for a little while. My job was simple – put some up and comer over and make them look amazing. At 6′ 210lbs, it wasn’t hard to look like I was taking a beating from these vastly larger guys. After 6-8 months of this, i had to stop because my body simply couldn’t take the beating. A year after I was done, I was in Puerto Rico with some friends. We were flying to a small island called Culebra. IN the little airport of Flamenco Airlines, I saw my long time Idol, Pedro Morales and his family heading, of all places, to Culebra. He was a gentleman and took pictures with us. When we landed on the island, he invited us to go fishing with him which we did. Wrestling has been very good to me.

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