Championship Wrestling opening from 1980, with mention of the Moondogs

A short while back I blogged about the Hulk Hogan-themed opening to WWF Championship Wrestling in 1984.

I found an even earlier clip of Championship Wrestling’s opening from 1980, which is the theme I first remember growing up (perhaps some of you will recall the awesome trumpets as Bob Backlund is shown).

From there, you’ll get to enjoy what once was a staple on Saturday morning wrestling: Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson running down the squash matches for the next hour. Interesting in this clip to hear that both Tony Garea and Rick Martel, and the Moondogs, both have their TV debuts as tag teams on this particularly show.

I did not know this, but apparently one of the Moondogs (it’s not clear whether it was Rex or King) wrestled as a single in the WWF before the tag team began, as McMahon notes that there are now two Moondogs.

Patterson’s reaction is great: “One to me was enough. Two might be too much.”

The Moondogs and Garea and Martel were soon to feud over the Tag Team Titles in 1981.

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