Giant Machine tells Mean Gene, “No, Mr. TV man. Never.”

I ran across one of those corny WWF interviews from 1986 that Mean Gene Okerlund conducted with the Machines, who initially comprised Andre the Giant under a mask and Bill Eadie, the former Masked Superstar (and Bolo Mongol, for those really going back in time).

Giant Machine and Super Machine were part of a fairly short-lived plotline during which Andre the Giant was suspended in the midst of a feud with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. So, in wrestling tradition, Andre donned a mask and pretended he wasn’t Andre, and thus was able to wrestle.

The skit with Okerlund’s interview is terrible, with bad Japanese jokes and Okerlund wondering out loud whether he’s ever met Giant Machine before.

Andre’s response, in his notable low voice: “Never, Mr. TV man. Never.”

The Machines flamed out quickly, setting up Andre’s heel turn in early 1987, during which he challenged Hulk Hogan at the main event of WrestleMania III.

However, during the Machine’s time, Blackjack Mulligan joined the team as Big Machine, as a way to keep Andre’s wrestling limited because of back problems and a general decrease in his in-ring ability. There were also guests who put on the machine mask at the house shows. For example, on October 4, 1986, at the old Boston Garden, Super Machine and Big Machine were joined by Piper Machine to defeat Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, and Heenan.

By 1987, Super Machine was better known to fans as Ax in Demolition.


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