Next time you think the WWE TV product is bad, watch “Land of a Thousand Dances”

You can read nonstop criticism about the writing and angles of today’s WWE shows – and to be sure, some of the TV product is quite bad, particularly the WWE’s sophomoric humor.

But things could be a lot worse. Hearken back to 1985, when Vince McMahon decided as part of the Rock ‘N Wrestling Connection to release a WWF album with wrestlers actually singing on it.

The most memorable result was a remake of the classic song, “Land of a Thousand Dances,” in which the wrestlers butchered the performance and made millions of fans hang their heads. The video of the song is terrible, and it’s amazing 25 years later that it even made the air.

Of course, Vince gets a few blustering performances in the song, as do many of the big WWF stars from the time. The Iron Sheik’s early line, “You got to move like da da Sheik” was a favorite of my friends way back when.

And yes, that was Meat Loaf playing the drums in the videos, a few years before he made his big comeback with Bat out Hell II.

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