Pat Patterson says, “King Kong Mosca got what he deserved” before getting walloped

Back in the days of WWF Championship Wrestling and All-Star Wrestling, the layout of the shows was fairly cookie-cutter. Vince McMahon and his color commentator, Pat Patterson, would say hello, they’d have some matches, and Vince would conduct the localized interviews to build up the upcoming Boston Garden cards.

But one day in 1981, Championship Wrestling started with Vince alone, holding a dented metal pitcher.

They proceeded to show an interview that happened earlier, where Patterson was talking to referee Dick Woehrle. Just minutes earlier, Woehrle had done the unthinkable for a 1980s TV squash match: He had disqualified “King Kong” Angelo Mosca for abusing a jobber.

Patterson told Woehrle, “I think King Kong Mosca got what he deserved.” And no sooner had he said it, then Moscawhacked Patterson in the back of the head with the metal pitcher, putting the dent in it.

That was an angle that we talked about for weeks in the 1980s.

I was surprised to see that several websites list Mosca’s city of birth as Waltham, MA, which is just outside of Boston and the old Garden.

I’ve talked about Patterson’s involvement with angles involving Mosca and Ivan Koloff — but his best 1980s WWF angle is still to come…


  1. manny

    I love watching the wreastling of the past like patpaterson is my favorite wreastler he kicked any bodys ass no mater how big patallways came through no matter how big intimidating they were he allways be number one in my book god bless mr. Pat paterson for the greatest mathes. You given us

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