After my loser leaves town angle, I look at that gimmick in 1980s WWF

Sorry for the lapse in posts, but I lost a loser leaves town match back on April 19 and didn’t have any luck coming back under a hood as “Boston Garden Loge” or something like that. 

While the loser leaves town match has been a staple in wrestling for eons, I don’t recall it ever getting much play in the 1980s in the WWF. It was one of those gimmicks that Vince McMahon Sr. and Jr. just didn’t seem to like.

Part of the gimmick was that if a babyface had to leave town, he would often come back under a mask with a pseudonym — Dusty Rhodes was the Midnight Rider under a mask, for example, in Florida Championship Wrestling.

I remember when ex-WWF president Jack Tunney “suspended”  Andre the Giant in 1986 and he came back under a mask as Giant Machine, along with Super Machine (Masked Superstar, aka Demolition Ax, aka Bill Eadie) and Big Machine (Blackjack Mulligan). Mean Gene Okerlund’s interview with the Machines, where he kept insisting, “You’re Andre the Giant,” only to have the masked Andre shake his head and say, “No, no,” was stupid yet hilarious.

Probably the most famous loser leaves town/you’re fired match that the WWE has ever done was when Chris Jericho signed off for a few years starting in 2005, and he came back two years later to begin his most successful period as a wrestler.

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  1. modew's manager

    Dusty also was “Uvalde Slim.” The Machines were hilarious.
    The true swerve was when the banished face would return under a mask, and for months the heel would swear he would unmask the cheating face once and for all. Of course, when the moment would come, the face would come from the back and the shocked heel would lose.

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