I saw the late Baron Mikel Scicluna at my first Boston Garden card

I just read that Baron Mikel Scicluna died. He was a fixture among the prelim wrestlers on the WWF’s Saturday syndicated TV shows and the early 1980s Boston Garden cards.

I saw Scicluna on my very first Garden show in December 1981 (the one referenced in the banner image for this blog). He fought local Boston legend Pete “Duke of Dorchester” Doherty. I couldn’t say from memory who won, but it was no surprise to read on the History of WWE website that it was Doherty who (again) was pinned.

I wrote previously about Scicluna in a popular post from early March.

How embarrassing it was to read the WWE’s official announcement of Scicluna’s death and see that they misspelled his name at “Sclicuna.” Clearly the interns were manning the ship. Not sure how long this snafu will be up, but I saw it here.


  1. Evan J Rodgers

    Baron Mikel Scicluna was a big star in the 1960’s. He co-held the WWWF Tag Team Championship and he was a main event contender for the WWWF Championship, against Bruno Sammartino. Also, there used to be another, more obscure tag team title in the WWWF and I think he co-held that title, too. He was later relegated to preliminary status but he was still a star because of his talent and longevity and overall entertaining style. It seems he always had a foriegn object in his tights.

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