Our main event next week features Baron Mikel Scicluna

How’s this for a nostalgia trip? I remember way back in 1981 when Championship Wrestling on Saturday afternoons in Boston used to just have squash matches, and then one week they announced that Rick Martel (half of a popular tag team at the time with Tony Garea) would face … Baron Mikel Scicluna. Yes, he from “the Isle of Malta.”

Never mind that Scicluna hardly ever won a match at the period in time. He was one of those upper-tier jobbers because in 1970s, he had some star power and at one point in 1972 even held the WWWF (then WWF, now WWE Unified) Tag Team Title.

Anyway, competitive matches were so few and far between on free TV in those days that Martel vs. Scicluna actually was an exciting event. Nowadays, it would be a channel changer.

For the record, Martel won by delivering a sunset flip onto Scicluna from the apron over the top rope. Even that move as a finisher smacks of bygone days.


  1. Roland

    Yes – the Baron was Gorilla’s opponent during the Ali angle…. and he tried to sell one of the worst bumps ever seen inside the squared circle.

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  5. modew's manager

    Great memories of the Baron. It’s easy to forget he was a strong heel early in his career. One of my first ‘rasslin memories was a tag title match with King Curtis, against Chief Jay Strongbow and “Showboat” Sonny King. They brawled all over the building, including chairshots, whch was rare for early 1970s TV.
    Of those four, Curtis still would have been a monster star today. Great heel.
    The Baron is also a footnote to some history. He was Gorilla Monsoon’s opponent, when Ali got in the ring and was bodydropped.

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