“And-a my name is Joooooooe McHugh”

Do any of you remember Joe McHugh? He was the ring announcer for Championship Wrestling, which was one of the WWF’s syndicated shows that they taped in Pennsylvania and broadcast in Boston on Saturdays.

McHugh was a little guy who was in his 80s, and he had a distinctive, slow style to introducing the wrestlers. At the start of each TV show, he went through about a minute of announcements about who the refs were and what state athletic officials were in attendance. He always ended such formalities with, “And-a my name is Joooooooe McHugh.”

Every wrestler had a name, a hometown, and a weight during his intros.  And after the match, McHugh would be sure to inform us of the time of the bout. Yes, in those days, we knew how long each squash match took.

Prior to Sgt. Slaughter’s most recent role as the “classic star,” and even prior to his embarrassing turn as an Iraqi war symapthizer in 1990, Slaughter was a great heel in the early 1980s.

I don’t remember the set-up, but after one TV match, Slaughter attempted to put his cobra clutch on McHugh. The ref broke it up, and McHugh looked right into Slaughter’s face and berated him while pointing his finger.

To this day, I don’t know if McHugh knew Slaughter was going to put the move on, which makes it all that much funnier to think about.


  1. Anonymous

    Joe McHugh should be in that joke of a Hall of Fame that dictator Vince runs. He was a long time employee who was way more beneficial to the organization than Drew Carey or Arnold. I remember many hours of watching All Star Wrestling in the 1970s and early 80s and Joe was old then.

    • Roddy Piper

      He was the ring announcer for All Star Wrestling…… Buddy Wagner was the announcer for Championship Wrestling before Gary Michael Cappetta took over later.

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