Tito Santana’s WWF Intercontinental run began and ended in Boston

Many people remember that Randy Savage beat Tito Santana for the WWF Intercontinental Title at the Boston Garden on Feburary 8, 1986.

What you might not recall as easily is that Santana won his first Interncontinental Title at the Boston Garden on February 11, 1984. He beat Magnificent Muraco in a result that was a total surprise for many of us at the time, mainly because title changes just didn’t happen at Boston house shows.

I distinctly remember reading the sports section of The Boston Globe the next morning to see the wrestling results and being dumbfounded at the title change. I know that sounds funny now to think that newspapers ran wrestling results, but The Globe did, and it was always fun growing up to rip open the sports section after a Garden show to see who won and lost.  

Santana ended up losing and then regaining the Intercontinental Title to Greg “The Hammer” Valentine in other cities before Savage came along.

As for Muraco, there’s so much more to write about him, but for now, suffice to say he was perhaps the best WWF heel of the early 1980s.


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