With the Briscos tag team in 1984, we hardly got the real taste of Jack

NWA wrestling legend Jack Brisco died this week, and while the WWE did a nice little package about him on Monday Night Raw, the fact is those of us who ever saw Brisco in a WWF ring only caught the tail end of his notable career.

I remember Jack and Jerry Brisco showing up on WWF TV in 1984 and being shocked to hear announcer Vince McMahon even acknowledge they were former NWA tag team champions. That type of talk was as taboo then as it is today. At the time, I had no idea about the major role the Briscos had played in selling Georgia Championship Wrestling to McMahon.

Regardless, the Briscos run in the WWF was forgettable. Jack and Jerry challenged Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch for the latters’ tag team title around the horn, but the Briscos never won the straps, probably because Jack retired soon after.

Jack Brisco occasionally wrestled at the Boston Garden in the 1970s, according to the History of the WWE website (by the way, a great site to peruse old WWF cards from Boston, Madison Square Garden, and the Spectrum). In January 1985, Jack and Gerry lost to Adonis and Murdoch in Boston, which was Jack Brisco’s last match at the Garden and likely his last appearance in the city.

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