You felt it when Ivan Koloff slapped Pat Patterson

You may occasionally read in the Wrestling Observer about Pat Patterson and his ability to throw a punch or sell a move better than the wrestlers of today.

I never had a lot of opportunities to see Patterson wrestle in the 1980s because his in-ring career had wound down and he instead served as color commentator on the WWF’s Championship Wrestling. But any time he was involved in a TV angle, it worked, largely because of the qualities described in the Observer.

Patterson was believable in his reactions and his performances. Here’s just one example of that skill, when Patterson and Ivan Koloff had a skirmish during an interview in 1983.

Patterson makes you believe he got whacked hard by Koloff, and his reaction to getting slapped is just great.

You just don’t see that type of emotion too often any more.

And Vince gets a gold star for selling the Koloff angle from the announcer’s booth.


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